About Me

IMG_8338Born and raised in Clevedon, I have always had a love for flowers. This led me to working in a local florist 25 years ago BC (Before Children!). Flowers then took a backwards step whilst raising my two children and I worked in Education for the next 16 years. After reaching the wrong side of 50, with the children being all grown up, I decided it was time to change direction, refresh my skills and go back in to what I enjoy the most.

Working with flowers and being able to create that special gift for someone, the perfect tribute to say Goodbye or to be a part of making a wedding day so beautiful is an incredible way to spend a day’s work and a lovely way to work with people. Being an independent self-employed florist, I am able to offer an extremely flexible tailored service to enable maximum satisfaction for you, the customer.

I believe there is so much joy in making, delivering and receiving flowers. I take great pride in ensuring the flowers are of the finest quality, meet the customers’ expectations and that they arrive safely at their destination. So please feel free to have a browse through my collection, contact me and we can arrange a time for you to call in and discuss flowers!